F6 Spotlight

Future 6 Spotlight

Future 6 Helping Hand is proud to be able to recognize locals who dedicate themselves to making an impact on the South Florida community. Each month we will highlight an upstanding member of the community to hopefully inspire more like-mindedness and serve as an example to everyone.


Name: Kyle Taylor Jacobus
Gear: CI Surfboards, Fred Stubble
Born: Fernandina Beach
Home base: Orlando
Favorite Spot: NSB
Most recent accomplishment: March 2017 2nd place Flagler Surf Series Pro, Featured in Eastern Surfing Magazine
Water 1-3 Photo Credit: Pipeline TV


Future 6 is proud to support Florida locals helping to make an impact of the lives of those around them. Kyle has been a friend before anything but has always had Future 6 close to his heart and we can’t thank him enough for so much love throughout the years. He’s a competitor, coach, mentor, hard worker, and most importantly a great Father. Kyle has traveled to countless countries, islands and lands in search for (you guessed it) that perfect wave. Like all Florida surfers, staying still is just not in our blood so Kyle fills his days with surfing, working in the family business, and supporting his family including his newest addition, baby Kai Jacobus. You can follow Kyle on Instagram at @1surfing_gypsy to see him smack lips, drive bulldozers or show off being a proud papa. Congrats on your successes Kyle, posivibes from your friends at Future 6!