About us

Future 6 Helping Hand is a 501(c)(3) charity organization founded in 2012 that provides FREE ocean centric programs for children with special needs.  Since our inception, Future 6 has created and hosted hundreds of free events for children with special needs. Our programs provide amazing atmospheres complete with natural confidence building, healthy physical exercise and opportunities for children to participate in programs not typically available in their communities.

Our Flagship Program, The Future 6 Surf Program is a free therapeutic surfing program that is directed specifically at children with special needs. The program fulfills something different for each individual child based on their mental or physical disability such as social interaction, teamwork, confidence, and in some instances just simply speaking. The program’s purpose is to safely and successfully provide unforgettable experiences for children with special needs and their families. The F6 Surf Program runs in Boynton Beach Florida once per month from April through September. We are excited to be celebrating our 6th season in 2019!


Our Leaders

Future 6 Helping Hand is comprised of a group of likeminded community leaders who's lives have all been touched by alternative and action sports. We aim to spread the positive message of empowerment by growing F6 to its maximum potential. Take a look below to get to know the Future 6 team.


Can get involved. Our success is directly dependent on our volunteers and sponsors. We are actively seeking volunteers and children for our programs. Give back to your community and the children who need it the most. Click the button below to make a donation.


We have so many exciting things going on this year including a ton of amazing events, fundraisers, and programs we will be hosting. Check out our Facebook page for upcoming events and news.

Your Community. Our Impact.

In the summer of 2012, Future 6 received its 501c3 status approval and began immediately planning and organizing an infrastructure to be executed and expanded in the coming months.  By the summer of 2013, Future 6 Helping Hand Fund, Inc (D/B/A Future 6 and/or F6) began hosting free athletic camps and executing larger fundraisers within the local communities with great success and outreach.  F6 went to work immediately partnering with area facilities to host free ocean centric programs for children with special needs while maintaining relationships to continue it’s youth empowerment campaigns.  F6 has some exciting big plans for our organization in the future. Stay tuned to our Facebook for updates on new events, fundraisers, and more free programs for our children.