Future 6 introduces

Scars & Skies

Our New Mission

Not all wounds are visible. Our new purpose and future is dedicated to educating, supporting, and providing resources to those fighting
unseen battles that have left us with scars. Disease and illness stand greater chances of defeat by understanding our bodies and mind
better while also believing in the power behind the cohesion of Eastern and Western naturopath medicines.

Our Reason for Switiching Gears

Following the 2020 pandemic, our founder was diagnosed with lung cancer, Stage 3B. After defeating his health issues half way through his initial treatment protocol, metastasis put him into Stage 4 just a few months later. As of early 2023, Donny has completed 2 surgeries, 30 rounds of radiation therapy, 12 rounds of 2 different immunotherapies, and 28 rounds of chemotherapies in just 17 months.

What Donny endured most could not. Determination, mental fortitude, faith, a wide range of support both physically and mentally, and naturopath medicines have proven to be the armor needed in his journey. Donny’s battle continues and all he has learned that has helped him can benefit many others.

What to Expect

Please stay in touch for updates as Future 6 files amendments to our organization’s revitalized purpose. We expect our website to run through many changes and updates in the coming months so your continued support and understanding is very appreciated

Donations made here are our clutch funding to make the necessary changes to get to a completion date. Please know in 2023, 100% of all inbound donations will go directly to our overhaul allowing us to begin impacting our communities before the end of the year.

For Volunteer and Board of Director opportunities, please email us at info@f6helpinghand.org for more information.